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Table 1 Summary table of CAPL protocols

From: The relationship between physical literacy scores and adherence to Canadian physical activity and sedentary behaviour guidelines

Domain Protocol [ref] Description Units Scoring
Physical Competence Plank [10] Hold prone plank position for long as possible, to measure torso muscular endurance and strength sec Nearest 0.1 s
PACER 15 m/20 m [11] Run as many laps as possible, to measure aerobic fitness laps Total laps recorded
Handgrip strength [12] Squeeze dynamometer with each hand twice, to provide an indication of upper-body strength kg Best score from each hand combined
Sit and reach [12] Seated with shoes removed, legs straight and bent forward with one hand over the other, to measure hamstring and trunk flexibility cm Highest value from two trials recorded
CAMSA [13] Measures the quality and speed of fundamental movement skills and complex movement skills sec and criteria Highest value from two trials recorded
Height [8] Footwear removed and height measured with a portable dynamometer cm Units recorded
Weight [8] Footwear removed and weight measured with digital scale kg Units recorded
Waist circumference [8] Measured at the mid-axillary line just above the iliac crest cm Units recorded
Daily Behaviour Pedometer [14, 15] Worn for 7 days for a minimum of 10 h/day, to determine physical activity guideline adherence steps/day Days meeting guidelines recorded
Screen time [16] Self-reported, to measure weekday and weekend screen time for sedentary behaviour hrs/day Days meeting guidelines recorded
Knowledge and Understanding PA questionnaire [17] Comprehension of healthy living principles based on PHE curricula items Questionnaire items scored
Motivation and Confidence Questionnaire [18, 19] Level of adequacy and predilection in relation to PA; benefits and barriers to PA also measured. items Questionnaire items scored
  1. CAMSA Canadian Agility and Movement Skill Assessment; CAPL Canadian Assessment of Physical Literacy; cm Centimetre; hrs Hours; kg Kilogram; PA Physical activity; PACER Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run; PHE Physical health and education; Ref Reference; sec Seconds