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Table 1 Contents of the programme in the different intervention groups

From: “”- a school-based intervention programme to promote mental health and eradicate stigma in the adolescent population: study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial

Hour Workshop Contents SP (1 h) MHL (6 h) MHL + SR (7 h) Comparison group
1 Concepts of mental health (MH) and mental disorders (MD). Emotional management x x x Waiting List
2 Healthy and risk behaviours in MH   x x
3 Social skills and antisocial behaviours, bullying and cyberbullying   x x
4 Anxiety, depression and self-harm and suicidal behaviours   x x
5 Eating and behavioural disorders   x x
6 Substance abuse. Psychotic disorders   x x
7 Stigma
Self-experience in MD and MH presentation of an activist of a voluntary member of Activament Catalunya Associació (
  1. Abbreviations: SP Sensitivity Programme, MHL Mental Health Literacy Programme, HML + SR Mental Health Literacy Programme plus Stigma Reduction