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Table 1 Comparison of key features of primary care clinics and adherence clubs [15]

From: Experiences of HIV-positive postpartum women and health workers involved with community-based antiretroviral therapy adherence clubs in Cape Town, South Africa

Category Primary Care Clinic (PHC) Community-based
Adherence Club (AC)
Setting Clinic-based Community-based
Patient profile All ART patients Stable patients
Key personnel Doctors/nurses Lay counselors
Frequency of visits 1–2 monthly 2–4 monthly
Frequency of clinical consultations 1–2 monthly (every visit) 12 -monthly
Emphasis of patient contacts Detecting clinical complications Treatment adherence, patient wellness
Units of care Individual patient Groups of 25–30 patients
Peer-based support No emphasis Strong emphasis
Patient self-management Minimal emphasis Strong emphasis
Frequency of laboratory monitoring for stable patients 12-monthly 12-monthly
Management of clinical complications On-site Up-referral to PHC
ART packing and dispensing Packed at the clinic pharmacy, dispensed from pharmacy Pre-packed by central dispensing unit, dispensed at AC visit
Treatment “buddy” Patients must collect ART themselves ART can be collected by a treatment “buddy”