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Table 2 Summary of Policies targeting NCD Risk Factors

From: The evolution of non-communicable diseases policies in post-apartheid South Africa

Risk Factors targeted Specific policies
Tobacco smoking 1993-Tobacco Products Control Act 21
1994-Tobacco Products Control Regulations
1999-Tobacco Products Control Amendment Act 23
2000-Tobacco Products Control Amendment
2007-Tobacco Products Control Amendment Act 25
2008-Tobacco Products Control Amendment Act 28
2011-Tobacco Products Control Amendment- regulations
Alcohol Abuse 1989-Liquor Products Act 60
2003-National Liquor Act 59
2004-National Liquor Regulations
2008-Western Cape Liquor Act; 2013 – Gauteng Liquor Act
2013-National Drug Masterplan (2013–2017)
Unhealthy diets 2009-National School Nutrition policy
2011-Regulations relating to trans-fat in foodstuffs
2013-Food and Nutrition Security Policy by Department of Agriculture
2015-Strategy for Tackling Obesity
2013-Salt Reduction Regulations
Physical inactivity 1996-Schools Act 84
1998-National Sports and Recreation Act
2011-Promotion of Physical Activity in Older Persons
2012–2016-National Strategic Plan for NCDs