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Table 2 Tobacco policies, the “best buy” interventions addressed and year of development

From: Analysis of tobacco control policies in Nigeria: historical development and application of multi-sectoral action

Recommended WHO Best-Buy interventions Policy Documents Reviewed WHO “Best-Buy” interventions addressed in the policy document
Best buy 1:Tax increases National Policy and Strategic Plan of Action on Non-Communicable Diseases 2013 All best buy interventions
Best buy 2:Smoke-free indoor workplaces and public places Tobacco (Control) Act 1990 CAP.T16 Best buy 2,3 and4
Best buy 3: Bans on tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship National Tobacco Control Act 2015 All best buy interventions
Best buy 4: Health information and warnings Standard for Tobacco and Tobacco products-specifications for cigarette 2014 Best buy 4
Best buy 5: Mass media campaigns on the harms of tobacco use and second hand smoke