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Table 3 Timeline of development of tobacco policies addressing the WHO tobacco use prevention“best buy”interventions

From: Two decades of tobacco use prevention and control policies in Cameroon: results from the analysis of non-communicable disease prevention policies in Africa

Policy Year of development Lead sector “Best buy” interventions addressed in the policy
Tax increase Protect people from tobacco smoke Warn about the dangers of tobacco Bans on tobacco advertising
Decision N° 0222/P/MSP/SGF/DMSP prohibiting smoking in all structures of the Ministry of Health 1988 Health   x   
Law N° 98/004 on the orientation of education in Cameroon 1998 Education   x   
Law No. 2006/018 of 29 December 2006 governing advertising in Cameroon   Communication     x
Memo N° 1913 prohibiting smoking in the structures of the Yaoundé City Council 2007 Territorial administration   x   
Circular N° 07/788/CF/L/Finance Ministry / HR / SP prohibiting smoking in all structures of the Ministry of Economy and Finances 2007 Finance   x   
Order N° 967 Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Trade, regarding health warnings on packages of tobacco products 2007 Health/Trade    x  
Circular N° 012/B1/1464/ MINEDUB /SG/HR/ SSSAPPS establishing non-smoking areas and anti-tobacco clubs in schools 2007 Education   x   
Circular N° 19/07/MINESEC / SG/HR/SDSSAPPS of on the establishment of anti-tobacco clubs in schools and making schools “non-smoking areas.” 2007 Education   x   
Circular N° MINESUP / SG / DPDSU on tobacco control in the central services of the Ministry of Higher Education and public universities 2012 Education   x   
Circular N°003 /LC/MINAS/SG/DSN/SDLCES/ SLCFS prohibiting smoking in all structures of the Ministry of social affairs 2014 Social Affairs   x   
Law N° 2014/026 of 23 December 2014 on the finance law of the Republic of Cameroon for the 2015 financial year 2014 Finance x    
Sub-Prefectoral decision N° 06/SPD/BLPA/2015 prohibiting smoking in public places in Bamenda I Sub-Division 2015 Territorial administration   x