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Table 3 Governance structures and committees

From: Multi-sectoral action in non-communicable disease prevention policy development in five African countries

Governance Structures Cameroon Kenya Nigeria Malawi South Africa
Inter-ministerial committees For tobacco Tobacco Legislation For drugs and alcohol All policies
Parliamentary committees Tobacco legislation None   All policies
Interdepartmental units -NCD unit
-Nutrition unit
NCD Division, Tobacco Unit
Nutrition unit
-NCD Unit -Health Education Unit for healthy lifestyle promotion
Multi-sectoral expert/Technical working group/Taskforce EWG for tobacco replaced in 2015 by the national multi-sectoral committee for tobacco control NCD strategic plan/action plan
Tobacco Legislation
Task Force for Alcohol Policy development
National NCD sub-Technical Working Group
All NCD policies
Departmental Committees   Nutrition policies Tobacco and Nutrition Policies MOH Senior Management Committee  
Joint Budgeting None None None None None
Delegated financing None None None None None
Public engagement Tobacco policy Alcohol policy All NCD policies
Stakeholder engagement Done for some tobacco and alcohol policies Tobacco and alcohol policies -Tobacco and Nutrition Policies
-NCD strategic plan/action plan
Alcohol policy Done for all policies
Industry Engagement Done during Tobacco and alcohol tax policy development process Done to a small extent during the tobacco control policy process Tobacco policy development Done during Alcohol policy development process All NCD policies