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Table 1 Measures

From: Proactive expert system intervention to prevent or quit at-risk alcohol use (PRINT): study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Measures Mo. 0 Mo. 3 Mo. 6 Mo. 12
Alcohol use
 12-month alcohol abstinence, 1 item X    
 Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test [20], 10 itemsa X X X X
 Alcohol use frequency and quantity past 30 days [3], 4 items X X X X
 Drinks consumed on each day in the past week, 7 items X X X X
TTM constructs
 Stage of change, 4-item staging algorithm [3] X XIG XIG X
 Alcohol Abstinence Self-Efficacy, 8-item short form [25] XIG XIG XIG  
 Alcohol Decisional Balance Scale, 10-item short form [25] XIG XIG XIG  
 Processes Of Change questionnaire, 20-item short form [29] XIG XIG XIG  
Health and behavioral health risk factors
 Self-reported health, 1 item [23] X X X X
 5-item Mental Health Inventory [22] X X X X
 Tobacco use, 5 items X X X X
 Fruit and vegetable intake, 1 item X    X
 Moderate to vigorous physical activity, 2 items X    X
 Height and weight, 2 items X    X
 Sex, age, pregnancy, marital status, employment status X X X X
 Years of school education, professional qualification X    
  1. Notes: Mo. month, XIG intervention group only. aitem 3 modified: “How often do you have 4 [for women]/ 5 [for men] or more drinks on one occasion?”