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Table 1 Study population by evaluation component

From: Promoting physical activity through primary health care: the case of Catalonia

Evaluation dimension Components of evaluation Study population
Process PHC adherence:
 - TtT Strategy
 - PA screening and advice
• All PHC health professionals
• Adults (15-69 years old) who received services from a public PHC centre
Municipality adherence: PA facilitators • 947 municipalities of Catalonia
Local network for PA promotion • 370 PHC teams
• 645 PHC PA Champions
WPAD celebration • All of the Catalan population
• 947 municipalities
• 370 PHC teams
Communication and diffusion • All of the Catalan Population
• PHC PA Champions
Impact Change in PA levels in adult population • Representative sample of 22,158 adult residents of Catalonia (15 to 69)
PHC PA Champions’ satisfaction with PAFES • 645 PHC PA Champions
  1. PHC Primary Health Care, TtT Train the Trainers, PA Physical Activity, WPAD World Physical Activity Day