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Table 2 Domains and methods for process evaluation

From: Effectiveness of peer support to increase uptake of retinal examination for diabetic retinopathy: study protocol for the DURE pragmatic cluster randomized clinical trial in Kirinyaga, Kenya

Source Domain Data collection method Stage of the trial
Trial registers Recruitment Retention Registers in the trial office Throughout the trial (n = 700)
Participants Fidelity Reach Dose received Effectiveness Participant Questionnaire 2 Focus group discussions at 6 months At recruitment (n = 700) Three months: n = 10% pf participants in each intervention cluster(35) Six months: n = 10-% of participants in each cluster (35) N = 28
Non-participant observations by PI Recruitment Fidelity Dose delivered Context PI Field notes N = 2 group meetings per intervention cluster during the trial (14)
Peer supporters (PS) Effectiveness Reach Fidelity Dose delivered Context PS Questionnaires PS Diary for telephone calls PS Group session report form Focus group discussion at 6 months After training (n = 14) Through the trial (n = 14) Throughout the study (1 report form per group meeting per PS) N = 7
Eye care workers Key informants Context In-depth interviews At 6 months N = 3 N = 7
Research project manager Reach Fidelity Dose delivered Reports At recruitment of PS At training the PS At 3 and 6 months
Research nurse Outcome evaluation procedures Report At 3 months and 6 months
Study steering committee Context Spreadsheet of external events that may have affected study outcomes At 6 months
  1. PI Principal Investigator, PS Peer supporter