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Table 1 Description of Fitbi Zip and ActiGraph GT3x-BT

From: Validating Fitbit Zip for monitoring physical activity of children in school: a cross-sectional study

  Fitbit Zip ActiGraph GT3x
Internal sensor 3 axis accelerometer 3 axis accelerometer + ambient light sensor
Output Number of steps
Minutes of fairly active, very active, light, sedentary
Number of steps
Minutes of vigorous, moderate, light, sedentary
Communication Bluetooth USB, Bluetooth
Memory size 7 days of detailed motion data 4 GB
Battery Replaceable Rechargeable
Battery life Up to 6 months 25 days
Size 2.8 × 1.0 × 3.6 cm 4.6 × 3.3 × 1.5 cm
Weight 8 g 19 g
Attachment site Hip Hip, wrist, ankle, thigh
Display screen Yes No
Cost Approx. 60 EUR Approx. 250 EUR