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Table 1 Study Sites Selected by Ecologic Zone

From: Sero-prevalence of yellow fever and related Flavi viruses in Ethiopia: a public health perspective

Ecological Zone Random points in Ecological Zones GPS coordinates Nearest town/city selected Regional State
1 1A 42°51′6.0178″E, 5°57′50.0569”N Gode Somali Region
1 1B 43°11′5.732″E,8°16′10.5221”N Degehabur Somali Region
2 2A 35°2′44.4465″E,5°57′50.0569”N MizanTeferi SNNPR
2 2B 35°21′40.3682″E,11°13′0.1394”N Pawe BenishangulGumuz
3 3A 34°52′46.5932″E,9°22′44.731”N Mendi Oromia
3 3B 35°9′12.2294″E,8°50′30.0361”N Dembidollo Oromia
4 4A 37°50′ 34.7642″E,0°30′21.3493”N Debremarkos Amhara
4 4B 40°21′45.1564″E,7°17′55.5894”N Robe (Bale Zone) Oromia
5 5A 37°28′45.706″E,9°7′8.5883”N Guder Oromia
5 5B 39°33′37.5173″E,8°2′39.1985”N Robe (Arsi Zone) Oromia