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Table 1 Indicators used in the measurement of socioeconomic status for Saudi Arabia

From: Development of two socioeconomic indices for Saudi Arabia

Categories Indicator variables Denominator
Educational status Illiterate and read/write Population aged > 10 years
School degree
Diploma and university
Higher education
Employment statusa In the labour force Population aged > 15 years
Other employment
Type of housing Traditional house Households
A floor in a traditional house or villa
Other type of housing
Tenure of housingb Owned Households
Other tenure
Car ownership No car Households
One car
Two or more cars
Material ownership Phone available/not available Households
TV available/not available
PC available/not available
Internet available/not available
Library available/not available
Satellite available/not available
Videos available/not available
Video games available/not available
  1. aIn the latent class analysis employment status the following indicators: “Students”, “Housewives” and “Retired” were combined to “Not in the labour force”
  2. bIn the latent class analysis tenure of housing indicators the following indicators: “Rented”, “Provided” and “Other tenure” were combined into “House not owned”