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Fig. 4

From: High-resolution epidemic simulation using within-host infection and contact data

Fig. 4

Required data and an example of an age-structure network model. (a) Generated network of one hundred individuals that mimics distribution of physical contact, contact matrix, and population age structure. The node’s size reflects its number of contacts. Nodes in the same age-group have the same colour; (b) Distribution of number of physical contacts shows a majority of individuals have a few physical contact per day [34]; (c) A heat map of contact matrix shows higher contact frequencies in darker shades. The matrix reflects the assortative pattern of human contacts, that is people contact mainly with their peers, follow by their children or parents. The age-group with the highest contacts are teenagers and young adults [34]; (d) Reconstructed age-structure of Sierra Leon population based on Statistics Sierra Leone and ICF International data [53]

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