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Table 1 Information on data harmonisation across datasets

From: Associations of self-reported physical activity and depression in 10,000 Irish adults across harmonised datasets: a DEDIPAC-study

Concept measured TILDA Mitchelstown Cohort Study Harmonisation method
PA IPAQ – Self-reported weekly minutes of moderate and vigorous PA IPAQ – Self-reported weekly minutes of moderate and vigorous PA Weekly minutes of moderate and vigorous PA were summed. Participants were categorised as meeting/not meeting PA guidelines and divided into tertiles of weekly minutes of MVPA within each study and across the integrated dataset
Depression CES-D (continuous score) CES-D (continuous score) Participants with CES-D scores of ≥16 were classified as at-risk for depression
Age Age reported for 50–79 years (ages < 50 reported as 49; ages > 79 were reported as 80) Age (5 year categories) Divided into 10 year categories
Sex Female and male Female and male Females and males grouped
BMI BMI (categorical) calculated from nurse measured height weight BMI (continuous) calculated from measured height weight Split into underweight, normal weight, overweight, and obese using standard cut-offs
  1. BMI Body mass index, CES-D Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression, IPAQ International physical activity questionnaire, PA Physical activity; TILDA The Irish longitudinal study on ageing