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Table 5 List of top ten active authors in the field of GMH (2000–2016)

From: Bibliometric analysis of global migration health research in peer-reviewed literature (2000–2016)

Rank Author Frequency %
N = 21,457
C/A Country Research interest
1st Arcury, T.A. 86 0.40 18.6 USA Agriculture; Transients and Migrants; Hispanic Americans; North Carolina; Agricultural Workers’ Diseases
2nd Quandt, S.A. 79 0.37 19.2 USA Hispanic Americans; Agriculture; Transients and Migrants; North Carolina; Occupational Diseases
3rd Razum, O. 72 0.34 14.5 Denmark Health services research among different social and ethnic groups.
4th Norredam, M. 61 0.28 12.6 Germany Migration, social inequality in health, health system research, screening, vaccination, global health
5th Krasnik, A. 55 0.26 16.8 Denmark Equity and health; migration and health and health services research. A particular focus is on the impact of ethnicity and migration on health conditions and access to health care; vulnerable migrant groups; mental health and chronic diseases among migrants.
6th Silove, D. 54 0.25 36.8 Australia Refugee and post-conflict mental health trauma psychiatry separation, anxiety, and human rights
7th Hinton, D. E 46 0.21 32.9 USA Medical Anthropology, Health Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, mental illness, Psychopathology
8th Sundquist, J. 44 0.21 23.4 Sweden family and community medicine and public health, health of racial/ethnic minority groups, immigrants and refugees, influence of social and familial environments on psychiatric and drug use disorders
9th Rousseau, C. 43 0.20 20.6 Canada Transcultural Child Psychiatry, refugee children, torture victims. Refugee children and adolescents from Southeast Asia, Central America, and Somalia.
10th Renzaho, A.M.N. 38 0.18 13.5 Australia Public Health and Nutritional Epidemiology. Migration and health, complex humanitarian emergencies, and development aid.
10th Steel, Z. 38 0.18 53.0 Australia Trauma and mental health, psychological intervention in complex emergencies and management of traumatic disorders, cross cultural differences in psychiatric epidemiology, refugee mental health, mental health and human rights.
10th Stronks, K 38 0.18 17.1 Netherlands Influence of the social context on health and illness.