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Table 5 Minimum Hypothetical Relative Increase in Risk (HRIZ → G) to Detect an Outbreak of Guillain-Barré Syndrome and Expected Observed Risk Ratios if the Risk if Zika Virus Infection Doubles During an Outbreaka

From: An assessment of public health surveillance of Zika virus infection and potentially associated outcomes in Latin America

Sensitivity/specificity (%) b HRIZ → G in GBS riskc Observed risk ratio
100/100 4 1.18
82.1/100 5 1.23
82.1/91.7 7 1.30
82.1/88.9 8 1.33
82.1/80.6 9 1.36
  1. a Corrected for non-differential misclassification due to a sensitivity of 82.1% and varying levels of specificity of the GBS case definition
  2. b A fixed level of sensitivity was obtained by averaging findings from studies assessing the validity of Brighton criteria in adults
  3. c HRIZ → G: Minimum Hypothetical Relative Increase in Risk of Guillain-Barré síndrome