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Table 1 Descriptions, points of data collection, and references of the measures included in the study

From: Active aging – resilience and external support as modifiers of the disablement outcome: AGNES cohort study protocol

Assessment/method/scale P H R S C Reference
Active aging
 Active Aging (68 items UJACAS Scale) x [4]
 Perceived active aging (single item) x [4]
 Motivation for active aging (single item) x [4]
 Barriers to active aging (two items) x [4]
 Perceived age (eight items) x [15]
Wellbeing and quality of life
 Psychological wellbeing (42-item Scales of Psychological wellbeing) x [18]
 Emotional wellbeing (five-item Satisfaction with Life Scale) x [19]
 Depressive symptoms (CES-D questionnaire; 20 items) x x [21]
 Quality of life (13-item OPQOL-brief questionnaire) x [24]
 Perceived quality of life and life satisfaction (two items) x x  
 Self-rated health (single item) x x x [9]
 Perceived stress in life (single item) x x  
 Sense of autonomy outdoors (five-item subscale of IPA) x [27]
 Self-reported functional status (ADL & IADL) (twelve items) x [27]
Physical activity
 One-week physical activity surveillance (with tri-axial accelerometers and wearable ECG recorder) x [28]
 Self-reported habitual physical activity level (single question) x x [34]
 Self-reported habitual physical activity (eight-item YAPS) x [35]
 Unmet physical activity need (three items) x Adapted from [39]
 Psychological resilience (ten-item Connor–Davidson Resilience Scale) x [40]
 Physiological resilience (one-week heart rate and heart rate variability monitoring with wearable ECG recorder) x Adapted from [41]
 Objective fatigability in cognitive and walking tests (heart rate, lactate, slowing) x Adapted from [45, 47, 48]
 Subjective fatigability in cognitive and walking tests (repeated assessment of two items) x [43], adapted from [44]
 Fatigability in daily life (13-item Situational Fatigue Scale) x [49]
Environmental support and social engagement
 Housing and living situation (four items) x x  
 Perceived safety of the neighborhood (three items) x x  
 Use and perception of neighborhood environment (SoftGIS) x Adapted from [50, 110]
 Activity-space (SoftGIS) x Adapted from [51]
 Objectively assessed environment (GIS) Adapted from [52, 53]
 Socioeconomic status (five items) x x [54, 55]
 Loneliness (single item) x x [56]
 Marital status (single item) x x  
 Social contacts (four items) x x [27]
 Provision of social support (two items) x  
 Personal hobbies (single item) x  
 Perceived age discrimination (single item) x Adapted from [57]
Physical and sensory function
 Maximal isometric handgrip strength (hand-held dynamometer) x [58]
 Maximal isometric strength of handgrip and knee extension (adjustable dynamometer fixed to a chair) x x [34]
 Reaction time and sensory motor speed (simple and complex task) x x [59]
 Lower extremity performance (SPPB) x [60, 61]
 Ten-meter walking speed at habitual speed x [63]
 Ten-meter walking speed at maximal speed x x [64]
 Six-minute walk x Adapted from [47, 66]
 Gait characteristics (accelerometry) x x [67, 68]
 Self-reported hearing (three items) x x  
 Objective hearing acuity (pure-tone audiometry) x [71]
 Self-reported vision (three items) x x  
 Binocular visual acuity (illuminated Landolt ring chart) x x [72]
 Respiratory function (spirometry) x x  
Cognitive capacity
 Cognitive impairment (19-item MMSE) x [74]
 Trail Making Test x [75]
 Digit span (item from Wechsler Memory Scale) x x [81]
 Digit symbol test (item from Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale) x x [84]
 Phenomic verbal fluency test (item from Schaie-Thurstone Adult Mental Abilities Test) x x [82]
Physical health
 Self-reported physician diagnosed diseases x Adapted from [27]
 Severe pain, recent fractures and hospital admissions x  
 Prescription medication (self-reported) x  
 Clinical health examination x  
 Blood sample (total, HDL and LDL cholesterol) x x  
 Blood sample (C-reactive protein, small blood count, and vitamin D) x  
 Resting electrocardiogram (ECG) x x  
 Orthostatic test x x [90]
 Blood pressure and arterial stiffness (pulse wave analysis) x [91]
 Body weight and height x x  
 Body composition (bioimpedance, waist circumference) x  
 Physical frailty phenotype (five items) x x [98]
 Health behavior and health literacy
 Self-reported use of alcohol (four items) x  
 Self-reported smoking history (single items) x x  
 Perceived own role in health behavior (three items) x x  
 Nutritional status and habits (eight-item Abbreviated Screen II) x [99]
 Health literacy (16-item HLS-EU-Q16 questionnaire) x [102]
 Life-space mobility (15-item LSA questionnaire) x [105, 106]
 Transportation modes (four items) x [111]
 Self-reported mobility limitation (three items) x [107, 108]
 Self-reported mobility task accommodation (three items) x [107]
 Assistive device use (eight items) x [27]
 Fear of falling (single item) x [27]
 Fall history (three items) x  
 Debriefing (two items) x x  
 Age and sex x  
 Life years x [9]
  1. For each assessment, the point of data collection is indicated: part of the postal questionnaire (P), part of the home interview (H), part of the assessment in the research center (R), and part of the activity surveillance (S). In addition, availability of the measure in the historic cohort is indicated (C)