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Table 2 General characteristics of the journals’ policies on reporting of funding information (N = 155)

From: Public health journals’ requirements for authors to disclose funding and conflicts of interest: a cross-sectional study

  n (%)
Policy is specific to:
The journal 143 (92)
The publisher 5 (3)
Both 7 (5)
Reported procedures on dealing with non-reporting or under-reporting of funding 0 (0)
Submission form of funding information
Online as part of the submission process 114 (74)
In the body of the manuscript 97 (63)
In a file separate from the manuscript 24 (16)
In a free-standing form 7 (5)
Not specified 6 (4)
Distinguished between “funder” and “sponsor”a 18 (12)
  1. aSponsor: an individual, academic institution, company or governmental agency that takes responsibility for and initiates a clinical investigation. Funder: an individual or organization that provides money for a study