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Table 1 Example Script for a TLC-PA-China Call

From: A RCT to evaluate a totally automated, culturally-adapted telephone counselor for increasing physical activity among physically inactive individuals in China

1. {Call Received}
2. Introduction: “It’s time to focus on another important part of managing your health: regular exercise. Participating in regular physical activity can provide many health benefits including weight loss, lower blood pressure, improved flexibility, and increased energy. If you already exercise regularly, that’s great news. You’ll be hearing about strategies that can help you keep up the good work. If you don’t currently exercise, the information you’ll hear will focus on your motivation level. Let me explain how these calls will work. Before you make each call, you’ll need to figure out your current level of exercise. To do that, you’ll need to keep track of two things: the number of days you engaged in moderate-intensity exercise; and the average number of minutes you exercised on each of those days. At the beginning of each call, you’ll be asked to report your current level of exercise. You will need to decide how you will keep track of this information. One way to do this is to keep an exercise journal. Another way to do this is to write this information down on a calendar. When you finish giving us information about your current level of exercise, you’ll hear feedback appropriate for your level of motivation. You’ll also be asked to set an exercise goal to work on for the upcoming week, so give that some thought between calls. Each call ends with a suggestion that can help you become more active. With all of that in mind, let’s get started!”
3. Exercise frequency assessment: “Now, I’m going to ask you how often you exercised this past week. How many days did you exercise during the past week? Include any exercise that you did for 10 min or more at moderate or vigorous intensity.”
4. [Subject press “0” using telephone keypad]
5. Confirmation of answer: “You said you didn’t exercise at all last week. Is that correct? Please press "1″ for yes, press "2″ for no.”
6. [Subject press “1” using telephone keypad]
7. Confirmation of answer: “You’ve told me that you’re not currently active.”
8. Stages of change assessment: “Are you intending to begin exercising or to increase your exercise in the near future, say within the next 6 months? Press "1″ if you are intending to begin exercising or to increase your exercise within the next 6 months. If you don’t intend to become more active during this time, press "2″.”
9. [Subject press “2” using telephone keypad]
10. {TLC-PA-China system records that the caller is in Precontemplation stage}
11. {Call ends}