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Table 2 Barriers to quitting smoking assessed among survey participants (N = 306)

From: Subsistence difficulties are associated with more barriers to quitting and worse abstinence outcomes among homeless smokers: evidence from two studies in Boston, Massachusetts

Interviewer script: Some people want to quit smoking but face a lot of barriers to quitting. Please tell me how much of a barrier the following things are in keeping you from quitting smoking.

 1. Cravings to smoke

 2. Everyone around me smokes

 3. Fear of gaining weight

 4. Loss of a way to cope with stress

 5. Lack of willpower to quit

 6. Fear that I will not be able to quit

 7. Cost of stop-smoking medications

 8. Loss of a way to socialize

 9. Too many other things to worry about

 10. Lack of support for quitting from friends or family

 11. Don’t know where or how to get help with quitting

 12. Don’t have my own place to live

Response options [score]:

 Not a barrier [0]

 A small barrier [1]

 A large barrier [2]