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Table 1 Examples of coding categorisation

From: Mass media and risk factors for cancer: the under-representation of age

Code Newspaper Headline Text
Mentioned Daily Mail “Over the counter painkillers halve breast cancer risk” “The anticancer effects of the drugs held true even when other factors that affect breast cancer risk, such as age, family history, weight and exercise, were taken into account” [55]
Discussed Daily Telegraph “Screening must not be stopped” “Many women, however, are shocked to find that this automatic recall for scanning comes to an end just when the risk of developing breast cancer rises sharply. A number, including those quoted below, believe that what amounts to age discrimination must be stopped.
The chance of developing breast cancer rises from one in 15,000 under the age of 25 to one in 50 by the age of 50. By 60, the risk is one in 23, rising to one in 10 by 80. Last year, the limit for automatic recall was raised from 65 to 70, and the aim is for all breast screening programmes to reach women in this age bracket by December.” [73]