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Table 1 Physical activities at the observation sites [30]

From: Why are some groups physically active and others not? A contrast group analysis in leisure settings

Champagne Pond Pool and Entringen Pool:
•Swimming (lap swimming as well as play)
•Diving activities (competitive and playful)
•Aqua jogging (usually with swim noodle or inflatable mattress)
•Teasing one another and dunking each other under water, water splashing and water bombs (mostly children and adolescents)
•Treading through pool with long breaks at the edge of pool. (cooling off in water when it is very sunny and hot)
•Ballgames in water/pool or on lawn (passing or shooting off friends)
•Wild, playful running, walking around (mostly young children)
•Slow/moderate walking around/playing with children by parents
•Playful jumping into pool or water
Entringen Pool
•Table-tennis, beach volleyball, football (mostly ball passing)
Champagne Pond Pool
•Snorkelling (usually while swimming slowly, sometimes supported by swim noodle)
•Stand up paddle boarding
•Surfing and wakeboarding (outside the lava stone wall of pond)