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Table 3 Data collection tool for interviews with health and administrative authorities

From: Community-based maternal, newborn, and child health surveillance: perceptions and attitudes of local stakeholders towards using mobile phone by village health volunteers in the Kenge Health Zone, Democratic Republic of Congo

# Items
1 The willingness of village leaders, village volunteers, and households to participate in the MNCH surveillance, their capacity and competencies, and the level of accountability of the village committees towards the MNCH community surveillance
2 The appropriate workload to undertake these efforts, the appropriate respondent at the household level, and the best time to collect data at household
3 The appropriate incentives (financial, in-kind, award, and recognition) at the individual or community levels.
4 The coverage of mobile phone services in the villages and the usage of mobile phones in terms of personal and MNCH surveillance-related services
5 Support of provincial and national stakeholders