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Table 3 Process of implementing the comprehensive smoking cessation intervention

From: Evaluation of the effectiveness of a WHO-5A model based comprehensive tobacco control program among migrant workers in Guangdong, China: a pilot study

Tobacco control efforts (N = 83) n(%)/ mean ± SD
Participants attendingWHO-5A group counseling
 Attending 5A group counseling 64(77.11)
 Times of attending 5A group counseling 7.67 ± 8.94
Participants attending supplementary support interventions
Social media interventions
 Receiving smoking-related information from Wechat multifunctional background interface 25(30.12)
 Receiving smoking-related information from the participants’ Wechat real-time rooms 37(44.58)
General health education
 Attending open lectures 49(32.89)
 Reading the posters(N = 149) 107(71.81)