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Table 4 Preferred strategies for cancer screening

From: Cancer screening in Koreans: a focus group approach

Theme Representative interview quotations
Group interventions with family, friends, or acquaintances I would be encouraged and go for cancer screening if my children helped me.
If friends or acquaintances recommended that I go for cancer screening, I would go with them.
Various delivery methods I would like to watch a video or documentary.
I would like to read booklets with a large-size font.
I prefer cancer education at church or a senior center.
Smart phones would be good for cancer programs.
I prefer tailored letters for my status including information on family history, disease, age, etc.
Information content emphasizing importance of cancer prevention I would like a cancer program to inform me that, despite having no symptoms, I need to have cancer screening.
Convenient, free, or inexpensive services There is a need to develop a system for people to have various inexpensive or free cancer screening tests and to use them with ease.
Kind health care providers Health care providers need to provide really good services to people, as if they were family, and explain my health status in detail.