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Table 4 Knowledge, practices and attitudes regarding dengue in relation to level of education - Models adjusted by demographic variables*

From: Association between the level of education and knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding dengue in the Caribbean region of Colombia

Dependent variables Independent variables included in the models
High school Age (every 10 years) Female sex (vs. male)
Symptoms recognized as signs of dengue:
 Fever 1.06 (1.03–1.09) NS NS
 Aches and pains 1.37 (1.14–1.66) 1.09 (1.02–1.16) 1.3 (1.02–1.65)
 Red spots on the skin 1.55 (1.03–2.33) NS 1.92 (1.07–3.45)
Knowledge regarding transmission:
 Knows how dengue is transmitted 1.17 (1.11–1.24) NS NS
 Knows the name of the mosquito 2.69 (2.07–3.49) 1.16 (1.08–1.25) NS
 Knows what the mosquito looks like 1.66 (1.39–1.99) 1.11 (1.05–1.17) NS
 Means where the mosquito is believed to reproduce
 Clean water 1.44 (1.23–1.7) 1.15 (1.1–1.21) 1.26 (1.03–1.53)
 Rainwater 0.51 (0.3–0.89) NS NS
Practices regarding dengue
 Does not store water in containers 2.13 (1.38–3.27) 1.19 (1.04–1.37) NS
 Attends community meetings 1.34 (1.08–1.66) NS NS
 Do you educate other family members and/or neighbors regarding measures for prevention? 1.37 (1.17–1.6) 1.09 (1.04–1.14) NS
Attitudes regarding dengue control.
 Do you have the ability to take action to control dengue? 1.55 (1.22–1.96) 1.13 (1.06–1.22) NS
 Do you consider your suggestions to control dengue are heard? 1.38 (1.17–1.64) 1.1 (1.04–1.16) NS
 Do you consider that lack of time hinders the implementation of preventive measures against dengue: 1.39 (1.11–1.74) NS NS
  1. *For each of the dependent variables, a multiple regression model was obtained, including the variables of high school, age (as a continuous variable on the decade scale), and sex (female compared to male). This table only presents prevalence ratios and 95% confidence intervals of variables that were significant (p < 0.05). All these models were also adjusted by department (La Guajira vs others)
  2. NS: non-significant (p > 0.05)