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Table 4 Combinations of contextual factors in schools A, B, C and D

From: Implementation of health promotion programmes in schools: an approach to understand the influence of contextual factors on the process?

School Contextual factors influencing the implementation process Outcome
Leadership of school principal Team cohesion and collective work Availability of staff Home school relationship Institutional support Motivation
 Small rural school
 Very high SES
++ ++ -
Key factor
++ N/A N/A Seldom use of tools
Inclusion of action in school project
Few partnerships
 Large urban school
 Medium SES
++ -
Key factor
Key factor
++ ++ -
Key factor
Few members trained
Difficult implementation
Programme perceived as add-on and time-consuming
Very limited impact
 Large urban school
 Medium SES
 Social diversity
+/− N/A -
Key factor
N/A Programme not considered a priority
No assessment of programme impact
 Medium suburban school
 Low SES
+/− + N/A -
Key factor
+/− Moderate impact and difficult implementation
New partnerships
  1. SES Socio-economic Status
  2. N/A indicates that no information was provided by the school