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Table 1 ICD catalogues and codes

From: An analysis of suicide trends in Scotland 1950–2014: comparison with England & Wales

Years ICD catalogue and codes for ‘Intentional self-harm’ ICD catalogue and codes for ‘Deaths of undetermined intent’
1950 to 1957 ICD6 E970-E979 Did not exist
1958to 1967 ICD7 E970-E979 Did not exist
1968 to 1978 ICD8 E950-E959 ICD8 E980-E989
1979 to 1999 ICD9 E950-E959 ICD9 E980-E989
2000 to 2014 ICD10 X60-X84, Y87.0 ICD10 Y10-34, Y87.2
  1. ICD catalogue and codes used for deaths by suicide by the National Records of Scotland during the timespan 1950-2014