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Table 4 Examplary statements on classification of facilitators to VHT role in preventing NCDs in communities

From: Exploring knowledge and attitudes toward non-communicable diseases among village health teams in Eastern Uganda: a cross-sectional study

Structural Facilitators Exemplary Statements
VHT-NCDs education/VHT knowledge sharing Ppt#2- FGD1 “At least as VHTs, we should get trained about NCDs as it will help us communicate to the communities; hence NCDs can be prevented within the communities.”
Availability of screening services Ppt#1- FGD 2 “The nearest health centers to the villages should have equipment to test for NCDs.”
Medical personnel endorsement and collaboration with VHT Ppt#6- FGD 3 “At least, once in a while, if medical workers could come to the villages, ask us as VHTs to mobilize the community for testing, it will help in prevention.”
Functional Facilitators  
Proper referral and record-keeping tools for VHT Ppt#5- FGD 2 “At VHTs, if we can keep records of what we have been doing in the prevention of NCDs, and how much coverage one has accomplished, we would be able to reach the whole community, leaving no one out. If we get people with NCDs in the communities, such people can be referred to health centers.”
Availability of medication and education for referred community members Ppt#5- FGD 4 “Having enough medications at the health centers will help prevent NCDs in our communities.”
VHT transportation and monetary aid Ppt#6- FGD 3 “I would like monthly payments as they would help me in carrying out preventive work for NCDs. I also need a means of transport (bicycles) and bag to carry my records/register. Since my village is quite big, a bicycle will make it easier for me to move around.”
Friendly attitude from medical personnel Ppt#10- FGD 1 “If at least, if medical workers are friendly people at the health units such as when people go for treatment and they are treated well, it could help in the prevention of such diseases.”
Training of respected community leaders Ppt#3- FGD 1 “Employers of VHTs should involve religious leaders in their trainings. In most cases, people listen and honor their religious leaders, local councilors.”
VHT uniforms/increased respect Ppt#2- FGD 3 “We need uniforms like T-shirts for easier recognition in the communities; this will help in the prevention of NCDs.”
VHT carrying medication/equipment Ppt#3- FGD 4 “Provide VHT with medical equipment like blood pressure, and equipment for diabetes (glucometer). It will help us in the referrals. If at all we have such equipment and the community is aware- when someone has any of the signs, they can come to me and get the first test and I could refer them to the hospital.”