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Table 2 Existing Early Years Guidelines

From: A collaborative approach to adopting/adapting guidelines - The Australian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for the early years (Birth to 5 years): an integration of physical activity, sedentary behavior, and sleep

Criteria Australia
2010 [1]
2011 [2]
2012 [3, 4]
New Zealand 2017a [42] Canada
2017a [10]
Published in last 5y N N Y Y Y
Followed GRADE process N N Y N Y
Addressed clear questions (can identify PICO elements) ? N Y ? Y
Had benefits and harms assessments ? ? Y ? Y
Assessed using AGREE N N Y N Y
Allowed for updating ? N Y ? Y
Had existing and accessible evidence tables/summaries ? N Y N Y
Had risk of bias assessment N N Y N Y
Were integrated (24 h) N N N Y Y
  1. Reference: Appendix 1. GRADE-ADOLOPMENT [11]
  2. Y yes, N no, ? unsure
  3. aunder development during guideline development process but made available to Australian Consensus Panel