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Table 6 The relationship between sedentary behaviour and cardiometabolic health

From: Systematic review of the relationships between sedentary behaviour and health indicators in the early years (0–4 years)

No. of participants (No. of studies) Design Quality assessment Absolute effect Quality
Risk of bias Inconsistency Indirectness Imprecision
The mean age was 3.1 years. Data were collected cross-sectionally. Cardiometabolic health was assessed using an objective measure of blood pressure.
276 (1) Cross-sectionala Serious risk of biasb No serious inconsistency No serious indirectness No serious imprecision Screen-based sedentary behaviours:
Watching TV for ≥ 2 h/day was not associated with high blood pressure (compared to <2 h/day, Prevalence Ratio = 0.9, 95% CI: 0.5, 1.4, p = 0.568) [126].
Very lowc
  1. aIncludes 1 cross-sectional study [126]
  2. bSerious risk of bias. Unknown reliability and validity of the exposure measure [126]
  3. cThe quality of evidence from the cross-sectional study was downgraded from “low” to “very low” because of a serious risk of bias that diminished the level of confidence in the observed effects