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Table 3 Domains, goals and specific examples of adaptations made to the SWHH curriculum for rural Latinas

From: Mujeres Fuertes y Corazones Saludables: adaptation of the StrongWomen —healthy hearts program for rural Latinas using an intervention mapping approach

Adaptation Domain Goal of Adaptation Specific Adaptation Examples
Accessibility Improve program accessibility and inclusiveness • Translated all participant materials to Spanish.
• Added new and updated images within participant materials.
• Bilingual Community Advisory Board Members and staff of the community partner facilitated recruitment
• Bilingual staff of the community partner will lead the classes and facilitate recruitment.
Nutrition Knowledge Increase nutrition knowledge and fill potential gaps in knowledge base Developed and integrated new participant informational sheets (handouts) on topics related to healthy foods and foods commonly found in cultural cuisine. Examples of topics include:
• The five subgroups of fruits and vegetables
• Nutrition information on familiar meats and cheeses
• Sugar-sweetened beverages and healthy alternatives
Health Knowledge Provide information about health risks that affect Latinas disproportionately • Provided additional information on heart disease risk factors
• Developed and integrated a handout on type 2 diabetes
Skills and Strategies Increase skills and strategies related to making healthy choices Provided additional or new information on the following skill-based topics:
• Selecting lean protein sources
• Comparing and selecting grains
• Storage of fruits and vegetables
• Reading and comparing nutrition labels
Address Barriers Address potential barriers to nutrition and exercise through skill-building Developed and integrated skill-building information to overcome potential barriers:
• Healthy eating on a budget (guidance on planning, shopping and meal preparation)
• Getting support from family and friends
• Managing without sufficient social support
Cultural Relevance Increase cultural relevance and appeal of the program’s recipes and exercises • Replaced guidance on culturally unfamiliar or potentially unappealing foods with guidance on more culturally relevant foods.
• Added guidance on selecting and preparing familiar food items (e.g. Tips on selecting and preparing chicken in heart-healthy ways)
• Introduced new healthy recipes that use familiar ingredients
• Provided recipes for healthier versions of foods commonly found in cultural cuisine
• Added Latin dancing as exercise option