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Table 1 Tackling Alcohol-fuelled Violence Legislation Policy 2016

From: Queensland Alcohol-related violence and Night Time Economy Monitoring project (QUANTEM): a study protocol

Elements of the Policy commenced prior to 1 July 2016
 • existing applications to extend hours for the sale of takeaway liquor beyond 10 pm to be voided, with no new applications to be accepted, though existing approvals to sell takeaway liquor will remain – from 4 March 2016 (the date of assent of the Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence Legislation Amendment Bill 2015);
 • the continuation of the 15 Safe Night Precincts, including rest and recovery services (also called Safe Spaces), around the State;
 • the continuation of the local board model for management of Safe Night Precincts, including the grant funding pool for alcohol-related violence initiatives in Safe Night Precincts;
 • targeted drug and alcohol assessment and referral programs for alcohol- and drug-related offences;
 • the discontinuation of the Sober Safe Centre initiative, and instead, continuing the trial of paramedics in watch-houses;
 • the continuation of compulsory education in schools about alcohol- and drug-related violence;
 • the continuation of social marketing about alcohol- and drug-related violence;
 • the continuation of implementation oversight mechanisms.
Elements of the Policy commenced on 1 July 2016
 • regular service hours for alcohol in licensed venues across Queensland ends at 2 am, except for premises located within a Safe Night Precinct approved for 3 am trading;
 • A ban on the sale of rapid intoxication, high alcohol-content drinks after midnight;
 • 3 am lockouts removed.
Elements of the Policy commencing after 1 July 2016
 • introduction of mandatory operation of networked ID scanners in late-night trading licensed premises located in Safe Night Precincts (to commence 1 July 2017);
 • extension of the powers of courts to impose banning orders on persons convicted of drug offences in Safe Night Precincts. These changes will be subject to consultation with stakeholders and would require legislative changes.
 • extended trading permits restricted to 6 per venue per calendar year (previously 12 per year as per existing policy).
Elements of the Policy repealed prior to introduction
 • introduction of 1 am lockout in prescribed 3 am Safe Night Precincts – repealed (was to commence on 1 February 2017)