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Table 3 Demographic data for interviewed health care providers

From: “But the moment they find out that you are MSM…”: a qualitative investigation of HIV prevention experiences among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Ghana’s health care system

Characteristics Occupation
A B Ca D Eb F G H I
Man   ••   •• •••••
Woman   •• ••••••     ••
Accra    •••••••    
Kumasi   •••    •••
Manya Krobo         ••••
  1. A = Counselors, B = hospital administrator, C = lab technician/scientist, D = midwife, E = Nurse, F = pharmacist, G = physician, H = physician assistant, I = Health care worker, not otherwise specified. Note: Each dot (•) symbol represents one person
  2. aIncludes biomedical scientists, medical lab technicians, and medical statisticians
  3. bIncludes different specializations (e.g. public health, sexual health), as well as nurses with training in counseling and/or midwifery