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Table 4 Mediation effect of home-setting factors on the association between parental education and preschoolers’ screen timea

From: The mediating role of the home environment in relation to parental educational level and preschool children’s screen time: a cross-sectional study

Multiple-Mediator Modelb Parental Educational Level Indirect Effect* β (95% CI)
Total mediation effect (N = 791)
 All significant single mediators together Low 10.34 (5.86–14.82)
Middle 8.66 (4.50–12.82)
High (reference)  
Independent mediation effect of the mediators in the multiple-mediator model
 Descriptive norm for children’s screen time Low 3.58 (0.73–6.43)
Middle 4.37 (1.57–7.17)
High (reference)  
 Parental use of screens in front of children Low 2.98 (1.06–4.90)
Middle 2.11 (0.42–3.81)
High (reference)  
 Parental importance for limiting children’s screen time Low 1.94 (0.17–3.71)
Middle 1.36 (−0.16–2.88)
High (reference)  
 Parental attitude toward societal pressures for screen time Low 1.85 (0.31–3.38)
Middle 0.83 (−0.14–1.79)
High (reference)  
  1. aMultiple-mediator model
  2. bAdjusted for children’s sex, children’s age, and season
  3. *Indirect effects in bold are statistically significant at p-level <0.05