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Table 1 A summary of the WAVES study intervention components implemented with Year 2 (aged 6-7 years) in primary schools

From: Process evaluation results of a cluster randomised controlled childhood obesity prevention trial: the WAVES study

Intervention component

Brief description

Delivered by

Delivery frequency

Physical activity (PA)

Incorporate 30 min of additional physical activity into the school day

Class teachers / Teaching assistants


Cooking workshop (CW)

Interactive cooking workshops with children and parents focusing on breakfast, lunch and dinner. Key messages to reduce fat, salt and sugar intake and increase fruit, vegetable and fibre intake

School staff

Once a term

Villa Vitality (VV)

A healthy lifestyle activity programme run by Aston Villa Football Club (AVFC;). Three sessions (two at the club six weeks apart) and one in school. Teachers were also asked to promote weekly lifestyle challenges for the children to complete at home

Villa Vitality staff and school staff

3 sessions delivered over one term


Distribute two signposting information sheets directing children and their families to local physical activity opportunities

Class teachers

At the start of the intervention year