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Table 2 Activities described by the five Walking Cities in their final reports

From: Missed opportunities in the evaluation of public health interventions: a case study of physical activity programmes

Activities described in final report
(Walking Revolution)
Led walks to the park for key stage 2 pupils at one city primary school
Pledge cards for individuals
Themed walks
Community Street Audits
Small grants fund
Walking Champions
Social media work
Strategic work to share learning
(Walk Local)
Promotion of Walk4Life and WfH campaigns (various media), maps and community walks. 7 walks with 108 participants
Walk to work week activities with 17 employers
Health walks in 3 medical centres. 27 participants
Beat the Street piloted in 4 primary schools. 890 participants (3 week intervention)
Weekly buggy walks / wild play with young parents and children under 5 years of age. 230 attendances
Leeds and Bradford
(Best foot forward)
Themed walks
Community Street Audits
Small grants fund
Tendering delivery to local community organisations
Social media work
Strategic work to share learning
3 million steps social reward scheme involved
388 people who walked over 15 Million steps in Spring 2015.
(Get Active)
Active Oldham Outdoors Project:
26 Level 1 health walks with 143 participants
14 new volunteer walk leaders
Capital funding from Public health to improve walking infrastructure in 9 parks
Active Trafford Greenspace Project:
20 led walks with 278 participants
23 new volunteer walk leaders
3 GP Surgeries piloting ‘walk prescribing’ or other methods of promoting walking to patients.
3 Workplace Walk led walks events held
5 new Workplace Walks mapped and promoted
Bridgewater Canal Walks Project:
22 recreational themed walks with 74 participants
Self-led walking trail
Partnership working with a community Leisure Trust
Four week Walking Festival
East Manchester Moving:
23 led walks with 163 participants
10 led cycle rides with 96 participants
8 volunteer action days
24 volunteers trained as volunteer walk leaders
Salford Ranger team project:
1 new self-guided walking route
11 additional recreational walks with 107 participants
12 volunteers trained as walk leaders
12 led cycle rides with 108 participants
Stockport Walkaday Walks Project:
13 additional walks with 217 participants
4 new volunteer walk leaders
Tameside Active Outdoors Project:
4 new health walks with 30 participants
18 new volunteer walk leaders
1 new patient from new exercise referral programme
5 new self-guided walking routes in production – Proposed launch in 2016
The Green Corridor Project:
9 led health walks with 91 new participants.
5 volunteers trained as walk leaders
(Walk to)
Group walking champions led walks including 1 km group walk for people with a learning disability
Pledge cards for individuals
Community Street Audit (1)
Small grants fund
Beat the Streets project for school children: 1890 participated
Social media work
Strategic work to share learning
Health walks: 185 walks, 12 volunteers and 154 new participants
Beat the Street: 1890 participated
Travel plans: numbers not reported