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Table 5 Schedule for nicotine pharmacokinetic assessment

From: A randomised, controlled, two-Centre open-label study in healthy Japanese subjects to evaluate the effect on biomarkers of exposure of switching from a conventional cigarette to a tobacco heating product

Day Start of Procedure Procedure
7 19:00–20:00a Start of product use abstinence
20:00–22:00 Snack
8 06:00–08:00b Light breakfast / snack
08:00–11:00 Start of pharmacokinetic assessment period
• Pharmacokinetic blood draws
• Product satisfaction questionnaire
12:00–15:00 End of pharmacokinetic assessment period
  1. aFollowing completion of final 24-h urine collection period. bLight breakfast / snack will be completed at least 1 h prior to the start of the pharmacokinetic assessment period