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Table 2 Ranking criteria and scores used to select interventions for Fiji’s leptospirosis strategy

From: A process for developing multisectoral strategies for zoonoses: the case of leptospirosis in Fiji

 1. Within current MHMS resources/budget
 2. With likely additional MHMS resources/budget
 3. Needs external (outside MHMS) resources
Impact by 2020
 1. Will directly reduce mortality
 2. Will indirectly but predictably reduce mortality
 3. May reduce mortality
 1. We are able to do this now
 2. There are minor obstacles to achieve this
 3. Significant obstacles to be overcome
Human Resources/Capacity
 1. We have the resources and capacity now
 2. Current staff need additional training to achieve this
 3. New capacity needs to be introduced