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Table 1 Depression and alcohol misuse vignettes

From: Australian adolescents’ beliefs and help-seeking intentions towards peers experiencing symptoms of depression and alcohol misuse

Disorder Vignette
Depression Sarah is your age and has been feeling unusually sad and miserable for the last few weeks. She is tired all the time and has trouble sleeping at night. Sarah doesn’t feel like eating, she has lost weight and has stopped hanging out with her friends. She can’t keep her mind on her studies and her marks have dropped. She puts off making any decisions and even day-to-day tasks seem too much for her.
Alcohol misuse Samuel is a close friend the same age as you. Lately, he’s been getting smashed nearly every weekend at parties and doing things that are really embarrassing. The other week he got drunk and vomited. Some girls that were at the party posted pictures of him on Facebook with his head over a toilet. He’s also been getting aggro when he drinks and people aren’t inviting your group to parties any more.