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Table 1 Outline of study measures

From: Cluster randomised trial of a school-community child health promotion and obesity prevention intervention: findings from the evaluation of fun ‘n healthy in Moreland!

Measures Description 2004 2007 2009
Child Measures
 Child Anthropometry: Weight
Child waist circumference
 Child Questionnaire Child PA levels
Dietary and PA knowledge and attitudes
Health and wellbeing
 Lunchbox Audit Dietary intake
 Food Record Dietary intake
 Child Focus Group Child perceptions of health and aspects of school programs/environment
Parent Measures
 Parent Questionnaire Parent knowledge and attitudes about food and PA
Home food and PA environment
Indication of the cost and time impacts of food and PA
Child and parent’s eating and PA behaviours
School Measures
 So Play Indication of activity levels in the playground
 Photos of Play Areas Play equipment in the school grounds
 Teacher Questionnaire Staff knowledge of healthy eating and PA guidelines
 School Questionnaire Profile of school food & PA environment
 Staff Focus Group School information including previous activities or school culture
 Resource assessment Assessment of level of investment in interventions in terms of money spent, staff and volunteer time
 Independent capacity Assessment of school capacity to implement sustainable changes independently
 Kids Go For Your Life Criteria Assessment of school achievement of State Government key health promotion program areas
 Intervention Monitoring Tool Mapping and monitoring of school intervention implementation
 Principal Interview Perceptions of the usefulness, acceptability, efficiency of the interventions, changes in the school and external environment