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Table 5 Acceptability of SMSs amongst participants in hypertension survey

From: Health promotion via SMS improves hypertension knowledge for deaf South Africans

Acceptability of SMSs among participants who completed the hypertension survey
Evaluation of SMS campaign n (%)
 Total sample (N) 41
 Read all or most of the SMSs about hypertension 41 (100)
 Felt that the SMSs improved hypertension knowledge 33 (80)
 Felt that the SMSs were easy to understand 32 (78)
 Found the SMSs useful 40 (98)
 Found the SMSs informative 36 (89)
 Found the SMSs trustworthy 29 (71)
 Felt that somebody cared about me/us 25 (61)
 Found the SMSs entertaining 22 (54)
 Found the information irrelevant 3 (7)
 Found the SMSs to be irritating 3 (7)
 Did not like the SMSs 0 (0)
 Normally get their health information from SMSs 19 (46)
 Felt SMSs were the best way of giving information to Deaf people 11 (27)