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Table 2 Description of key elements of the YHC consultation

From: Medical Advice for Sick-reported Students (MASS) in intermediate vocational education schools: design of a controlled before-and-after study

Element Description
1 The YHC professional and the student conduct a problem analysis
2 The YHC professional analyses the underlying problems by use of the biopsychosocial model
3 The underlying causes of the medical absence are defined
4 The possibilities of preventing recurrence in the future are discussed
5 The possibilities for extra treatments by health care professionals or other supporting professionals are discussed
6 An action plan regarding reintegration will be created, if needed
7 The YHC professional is responsible for communicating, with the consent of the student, the reintegration plan to all other involved parties without violating his/her professional secrecy
  1. YHC professional Youth health care professional