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Table 1 Description of the key steps of the MASS intervention

From: Medical Advice for Sick-reported Students (MASS) in intermediate vocational education schools: design of a controlled before-and-after study

Step Description
1 The school contacts the student actively in case of medical absence and asks about the context of the sickness report and condition of the student.
2 The school organizes a meeting with the student (and parents if student is <18 years old) in case of extensive medical absenteeism (criteria predefined by each individual school, apart from the MASS criteria).
3 The school refers the student to a YHC professional if considered to be needed.
4 A YHC consultation between student and YHC professional is organized
5 The school is responsible for monitoring the medical absenteeism and school-related implementation of the reintegration plan, if created.
  1. MASS Medical Advice for Sick-reported Students
  2. YHC professional Youth health care professional