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Table 2 quotes of the participants

From: The role of Indonesian patients’ health behaviors in delaying the diagnosis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

nr patient Quote
   Perceived susceptibility and severity
1 7 “I never heard of NPC before […] even my doctor was surprised […] I was just shocked”.
2 2 Statement by daughter of this patient:Personally, I have no idea what causes the disease…before, my father ever had a ruptured blood vessel.”
3 11 “I’m afraid of cancer…..I am afraid that I would die.”
4 12 “even though I have this illness but I don’t consider myself to have this illness, just like normal.
5 8 “I totally changed my lifestyle. I totally quit smoking and I also eat vegetable, it feels good”.
6 4 “if I would not have waited, but went straight to the dr. Sardjito hospital, I would still be like this”
7 6 “At first, I had a headache, I was dizzy and all the bones in my left side from the bottom are painful; then my son told me to go check it in the hospital”.
8 5 “I had a small mass in my neck, more than one year ago, then I had a biopsy. But the mass came back five months ago. During the time I regularly had blood in my sputum and a headache, but I did not think that was serious.”
9 9 “I had a ringing sound in one of my ears. After a while I went to the doctor, but he said that I was fine, so I thought it was just flu. But then I had a terrible headache and I had a mass in my neck. The mass really felt abnormal, so I went to the doctor again.”
   Perceived benefits and barriers
10 9 “According to the theory I would get cured […] the chemo would make the illness less and the radiotherapy would eliminate it”.
11 8 “I was diagnosed with a bronchitis […] after several months the lumps in my neck appeared”.
12 1 “I got a tonsil operation, I thought I would be cured, but I still had a headache […] I went to eleven different doctors before I got to the Ear Nose Throat doctor […] now we only have to wait for the chemotherapy”.
13 11 “For registration I had to wait for one to two hours…… after I got the schedule for radiotherapy, I wanted the internist to tell about the schedule…. I had to queue from the beginning again”
14 9 “I would like to pay no matter what, my son told me not to use BPJS they would treat us like less important”.
15 3 “There was a patient from Banyumas; she had a blackened face, I’m only afraid I will get that too when I start radiotherapy”.
   Cues to action
16 8 “My suggestion is there should be posters in the street so they know about the danger of smoking […] I often see young kids on the street smoking, only thing I can do is tell them about the risk of getting cancer, because I already have the experience”.
17 7 “I went for 8 times to dr. Sardjito hospital […] until all papers were complete. I was there until I fainted […] we had to go there and there”.
18 8 “The queue for the registration is very long […] this is an obstacle; this should be easier”.
19 3 “About the costs, it is hard […] but the cost to go there by bus is too much […] For the treatment we now use BPJS, the insurance before only gave us a discount, but now we do not have to pay for the treatment”.
   Culture and religion
20 10 “My health was decreasing, so my family and kids quickly decided to get medical treatment […] We would do everything to be able to pay for it […] it was money from the family”.
21 2 “We didn’t tell my father about his disease… we are afraid that he will get stressed [..] He knows that he is sick”.
22 2 “I don’t know the names of all the herbs; knowledge is inherited from previous generations, my grandparents […] I’m using alternative treatment because I just want to be cured. Besides that, it is more affordable”.
23 10 I do want to know more clearly, well, because I am only a patient so I keep quiet […] maybe if I asked something, the doctor would be offended.
24 7 “If God allows I will be cured”
25 10 “I am not afraid, the most important thing is that I totally surrender to have this illness, hope God will take it away”.