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Table 2 Proposal for a checklist of 10 strategies to promote health in restaurant-based interventions

From: Restaurant-based intervention to facilitate healthy eating choices and the identification of allergenic foods at a family-oriented resort and a campground

Ten strategies to be considered for promoting health through nutrition in a restaurant-based intervention Yes No
Increase the availability of healthy food choices: increase healthy foods.   
Enhance the accessibility of healthy food choices: increase fruit and vegetable options.   
Reduce prices and improve discount coupons: provide low-priced, healthy food.   
Point-of-purchase (POP) information: provide nutritional labelling on menus.   
Design restaurant policies: create policies that incorporate healthy food and healthy preparation techniques.   
Promote communication: resort website, television, newspapers, posters, table tents, and other media.   
Follow healthy preparation practices and healthy menu design based on national recommendations for restaurants (i.e., AMED criteria).   
Follow gluten-free criteria from the celiac association in the country in which the restaurant is located (e.g., SMAP criteria).   
Menu labelling (allergen and nutritional information).   
Staff training: training sessions on nutrition information.