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Table 2 Comparison of core curriculum between DPP and C-KDPS

From: Community-based randomized controlled trial of diabetes prevention study for high-risk individuals of type 2 diabetes: lifestyle intervention using web-based system

Session DPP C-KDPS
1 Welcome to the lifestyle balance program Welcome to the C-KDPS program
2 Be a fat detective How to exercise?
3 Three ways to eat less fat Reason to lose body weight
4 Healthy eating Right walking
5 Move those muscles Healthy eating 1
6 Being activity Aerobic exercise
7 Tip the calorie balance Healthy easting 2
8 Take charge of what’s around you Stretching exercise
9 Problem solving Food exchange
10. The four keys to healthy eating out Aerobic exercise
11 Talk back to negative thoughts Food exchange
12 The slippery slope of lifestyle change Whole body Resistance exercise
13 Jump start your activity plan Elastic band exercise
14 Make social cues work for you Eat out healthy
15 You can manage stress Lower body strengthening exercise
16 Ways to stay motivated Eating for hypertension, hyperlipidemia
17   Core exercise
18   Giving up drinking and no smoking