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Table 1 Search terms for systematic literature search

From: Health literacy in childhood and youth: a systematic review of definitions and models

Topic And Sub-topic
English: Health literacy, “health literacy”, health competence Skill*, competen*, concept*, theor*, model*, framework*, Defin*
Fähigkeit*, Kompetenz*, Konzept*, Theorie*, Model*, Rahmen*, Definition*
German: Gesundheitskompetenz, −mündigkeit, −bildung Target population
Child*, adolescen*, youth, teen* pupil*, student*
Kind*, Jugend*, Teen*, Schüler*
  1. Notes: Examples for a combination of search terms, in English: (health literacy (health AND literacy) OR health competence) OR (skill* OR competenc*) AND (child*OR adolescen* OR youth* OR teen*) AND (concept* OR theor* OR model* OR framework OR defin*)
  2. In German: (Gesundheitskompetenz (Gesundheit AND Kompetenz) OR Gesundheitsmündigkeit OR Gesundheitsbildung OR Fähigkeit) AND (Kind* OR Jugend*OR Heranwachsend* OR Teen*) AND (Konzept* OR Theor* OR Model* OR Rahmen* OR Defin*)