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Table 1 The Evans Family (Family 1)

From: Context matters! sources of variability in weekend physical activity among families: a repeated measures study

The Evans family were of a lower SES than the study average (IMD 36.6 – quantile 5). They live in a terraced house located in an urban residential area. The family comprises a mother and four children (Jamie, aged 10, Mia, aged 8, Liam aged 4 and Izzy aged 2). Miss Evans is healthy weight, unemployed, with high school education. Her MVPA across weekends was low but stable (Fig. 3a) and was amassed through walking and household chores. The Evans children’s weekend PA was completely unstructured in nature. Outdoor play formed the basis of Jamie’s weekend PA. Jamie played outdoors with his friends in the neighbourhood streets and local public green spaces. His MVPA levels were low, and showed no apparent structure or routine across weekends (Fig. 2a). Mia’s weekend physical activities were similar to Jamie’s with the exception that she also often played indoors with her friends and younger siblings. She was more active than Jamie and her MVPA was more consistent than his across weekends. With regards to family-based PA, the Evans family walked a lot on weekend days. However, these bouts of activity varied in duration, ranging from short visits to the local public park to whole-day family outings shopping and visiting the seaside. Subsequently, the Evans children’s MVPA levels, especially Jamie’s were variable across weekends (Fig. 2a and b).